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Are you an individual, a club, small business or charity that needs an online presence?

Based in South Staffordshire I build small to medium-sized websites providing (touch an item for a description);

Prices for a basic website with one or two pages including a contact form is £130 annually with a £49 one-off set-up charge. No charge is made for occasional small updates to the site.

Additional options include (touch an item for a description);

All websites are designed to the current standards and are W3C valid.

Examples of my work. Touch the description for more information.

  A fairly basic website  An Individual 
  A more complex website with PayPal and iTunes integration   A Small Business  
  A website with many pages, on-line administration, databases, etc.  An Individual 
  A complex website with a secure members' area, etc.   A Small Club  
Technical Details TOP

  For questions about this site, please contact me; Rod Stradling.
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As long as it is available, you can have your choice of name and suffix, e.g., .com, .org, etc.
This is space on a server connected to the internet where your pages will be stored.
Your email address will match your domain name and suffix.
I will discuss your requirements with you and either adapt your ideas or make a proposal.
Copyright-free photographs can be used on your website.
Pages can be added as required.
If you have information that you want to restrict to specific people they can access it using a password.
You can modify the database entries yourself.
Because it has a small screen, sometimes a different type of webpage is easier to view on a smartphone. Use the link at the top of this page to see this regular site.
Items can be sold from your website using PayPal or Google Wallet.
Sitemaps and valid pages allow for efficient search-engine discovery.
Google Analytics can provide a range of information about visitors to the site.
Facebook and Twitter links can be added to the website.
Photo Galleries can be included in the website.
Sound samples can be added to the website.
Files and documents can be made available for download from the website.
Databases can be integrated with the website, e.g., for membership or event lists. You can administer these databases yourself.
Videos can be incorporated into the website, e.g., from YouTube.
A relatively simple website with a contact form.
A more complex website with PayPal and iTunes integration.
A website with many pages, on-line administration, databases, etc.
A complex website with a members' secure area, etc.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment is made up of two parts; a partly refundable Set-up Fee (see below) and an Annual Payment. The Annual Payment is not fixed from year to year.
  2. At the start of the website design, the Set-up Fee is due. This fee is from £45 depending on your requirements.
  3. Once you have approved the initial designs, I will endeavour to obtain the domain name and extension that you prefer. Sometimes, between start of work and this stage the domain name and extension will have been taken by another party. In this case, I will try to reserve an alternative in discussion with you. As soon as the domain name and extension have been reserved, the Set-up Fee is non-refundable and the first Annual Payment is immediately due. The Annual Fee is from £130 annually depending on your requirements.
  4. If the scope of the design is increased, the Set-up Fee may need to be increased.
  5. If the initial designs are not approved and we cannot agree an alternative design or if the domain name/extension pair that you wanted is not available and no alternative is suitable then either you or I can terminate the project. In this case, half of the Set-up Fee is returnable to you.
  6. As soon as the first Annual Payment has been made, I will complete the website design as quickly as possible. The Annual Payment is non-refundable.
  7. Once you have approved the website design I will make it go live on the internet.
  8. Minor changes to the website during the first year are not charged but a substantial change, for example adding additional domain names, adding or re-arranging pages, increasing user interaction, etc., will be chargeable.
  9. Before the end of the first and subsequent years I will advise you of the charge for the following year. This charge must be paid and cleared before the end of the year or else the domain name may become unavailable. I am not responsible for loss of the domain name if you have not made the required payment.
  10. The website content is copyright to you. On request I will send you a zipped archive of the website for your use. This archive will not include database content and may contain active server pages which will not normally run in a stand-alone manner on a home computer.
  11. If you decide that you do not wish to continue with the website under my management, I will help to transfer the domain name to you or to another party of your choosing. I am not responsible for the loss of the domain name if the transfer process is delayed. A small fee for the transfer is charged and the transfer will not be completed until this payment is made to me.
  12. I am not responsible for backing up your databases so you should maintain backup copies at all times in the unusual event of a problem.
  13. You can request changes to the website at any time and I will do my best to complete the work in a timely fashion. Often, the website can be kept running during any major or minor changes. After the first year, both small and large changes may be chargeable.
  14. The website is hosted by names.co.uk. I have found them to be reliable and helpful in all of my dealings with them which began in 2002. I am not responsible for any problems that they may suffer and which may affect the use of your website.
  15. You are responsible for the accuracy of information on your website and you warrant to me that you have fully ownership of anything on the website or full permission to use anything on the website. At my discretion I may ask you to prove that you have ownership or permission to show content. At my sole discretion I may chose not to use any content you have provided.

  For questions about this site, please contact me; Rod Stradling.
  © R.Stradling 2013


Privacy and Cookies


Privacy Policy

We will endeavour to safeguard the privacy of our visitors. This policy explains how we treat your personal information when you use this or other websites managed by Rod Stradling.


Under certain circumstances we use cookies including analytical cookies like Google Analytics™ and read IP addresses to count the number of visitors and to help us improve the way this website works and to understand how it is being used. A cookie is a package of data sent from the web server to your computer. Session cookies last for the period you remain on the website and are then deleted. Persistent cookies provide for us to recognise you on subsequent visits to that website until they expire after a set time. You can choose to refuse to accept cookies using the privacy controls within your browser’s settings (not recommended). If you do so, you may not be able to use all of the features of the website. More about cookies >>.

Personal Information

If you provide it we may use your personal information to personalise the website to your needs and perhaps send you general communications (unless you select to op-out). Where you submit personal information it may be stored on a database maintained by our web space provider. The database is protected by simple security controls such as your Email Address and perhaps a password. On request, we will remove all of your personal information from our websites and databases. We will not provide your personal information to any third party except as required by law.
Please let us know if any of the information we have about you needs to be updated.


The websites contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the information provided by those websites and we can make no statement as to the security of those websites or of any of their policies or practices.

Contact the Webmaster

If you have any questions about this policy or about how your information is treated, please contact the webmaster, Rod Stradling, using the information above.


  For questions about this site, please contact me; Rod Stradling.
  © R.Stradling 2013


Technical Details


The pages that comprise your website will be written using a variety of technical methods. This page describes some of the technology behind the pages.

In general, the pages will reside on a Linux server connected to the internet. Microsoft servers can be used at customer request but this may add to cost and complexity of the site.

The pages use the most current HTML5 markup and every effort is made to build the pages to validate using the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validation engine. The page layout, determined using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), uses the most modern capabilities but, due to the rapid proliferation of browser rendering engines, validation does not keep up with the changes and additions to the techniques used. The result is that new capabilities are often employed to achieve the page layout before they appear in the W3C CSS Validator database.

In general, pages use the extension .html. JavaScript is used on the client side for direct user interaction. The scripts are often coded in jQuery with layouts using jQuery UI. Mobile pages use jQuery Mobile.

Where server-side scripting is required on the Linux platform, PHP is used. In these cases the pages have the extension .php unless the interaction is coded using ajax. On the Microsoft platform, .aspx pages use the .NET Framework.

Sitemaps are coded in XML.

On request, Google Tracking using cookies can be added to pages.

The site may use cookies for example to use a remember-me function, where the cookie is persistent, or to regulate access to a secure area, where session cookies are employed. Our service provider, Names, also uses cookies to equalise server loading.

Please contact me if you have questions.

  For questions about this site, please contact me; Rod Stradling.
  © R.Stradling 2013




  For questions about this site, please contact me; Rod Stradling.
  © R.Stradling 2013